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iSTORYa Studio Workshops

Level up the way you and your team communicate your stories by immersing in one of our visual language workshops. 

Harness your visual intelligence –

  • to better engage with people around you,
  • to instill the value of synthesising ideas and
  • to cultivate an intuitive ability to think in pictures and in ingenious visual metaphors.

No drawing skills necessary.

iSTORYa Studio Workshops

Even for the “not artistically inclined” our workshops will help you explore your unique way of transforming ideas into pictures.

iSTORYa Studio Workshops


Inspire your team and enhance creative thinking by hosting a facilitated creativity session with our iSTORYa team.

Strengthen visual communication to better understand and remember concepts, strategies and messages. Spark visual thinking as a team, have fun getting to know how each team member think visually while supporting life-long learning.

iSTORYa Studio Workshops

For INDIVIDUALS (open-for-all)

We also host individual workshops (open-for-all) that are held throughout the year.

Communicate your stories in a more engaging and powerful way through visual communication. Apply what you have learned anywhere, to various contexts and increase the impact of your biggest ideas.


Drawing visually impactful messages and coming up with visual metaphors takes practice.

Visual Practice GIF iSTORYa Studio Workshops

Visual Practice

  • basic principles of drawing
  • basic principles of lettering 
  • visual vocabulary
  • graphic jam
  • visual note-taking

Intro to Graphic Recording

  • visualisation deep dive 
  • visual note-taking 
  • flipchart activities
  • create visual templates
  • graphic recording session
Intro to Graphic Recording GIF iSTORYa Studio Workshops
Learn to Draw Simple Arabic Characters


Learn to Draw Simple Arabic Characters

You can choose between taking the course in Arabic or in English. Click below to go to the course website. A collaboration with Sketchnotes.

Visual Learning 101 iSTORYa Studio


Learn the basic fundamentals of visualization. Use it to enhance your skills and be more confident to take that leap to become a Visual Practitioner!

The magical qualities of transforming words into more relatable and understandable visuals is a result of consistency in —

— building visual libraries,
honing one’s listening skills and quick thinking
and putting these into practice.

Add to your and your team’s visual vocabulary and let us continue sharing the gift of learning. Let us build a community of visual practitioners.

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