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iSTORYa Studio Visual Studio Services

Our creative hub of services to help you create and design visually compelling, persuasive and captivating graphics, presentations, reports and communication collaterals.

Our team will help you tell your story and impart your message into visual information that are easily digestible – crisp, clean, and concise.



Enrich and engage more people by transforming complex ideas into easily digestible, visually informative and concise infographics.

Create with our team to communicate your big ideas into bite-size insights by translating these into clear and powerful visual stories that connects and inspires while ensuring that your key messages are strengthened —
clearly and succinctly.

iSTORYa Studio Infographic Visual Studio Services
iSTORYa Studio GIF Visual Studio Services


Gifographics add a whole new level to infographics. With simple motion graphics you can grab your audience’s attention quicker than the average human attention span (of 8 seconds).

It has all the benefits of an infographic plus visually moving elements that captures and retains the attention of the onlooker for a long time – which then maximises your reach across all media.

Design your next gifographic with our team and share your ideas using visual storytelling filled with dynamism. Without losing the focus on your message, let us spark your audience’s imagination.


A combination of several simple motion graphics (gifographics) or whiteboard animation with the option to add an engaging narration and just the right soundtrack. Our team will work with you to explain your ideas by creating visually compelling videos that are accessible, exciting, informative and will inspire and move your audience to act.


iSTORYa Studio Presentation Visual Studio Services

Your messages and content are important and our team will work with you to ensure these are not diminished by lackluster slides.

Our team will help you design your stories and visual presentations for your next meeting, keynote, report, sales pitch or proposal. Let us change the stereotype with presentation tools (like PowerPoint) as being boring and static and use these powerful tools to help you impart your important messages without the noise and clutter that a typical ‘bland’ presentation would have.

Connect with your audience with visually striking presentations and let us help you resonate.


A catch-all, broad spectrum of visual services that our team can customise for you.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • strategic maps
  • customer journeys
  • social media posts
  • company communication collaterals
  • murals or office graphics
  • eBooks
  • publication design
  • eLearning visual elements

Share your stories with us and let us know your requirements. Our team will provide you with a solution, either we provide you with our services and expertise or we recommend another team who we know is an expert on what you require — because we value that you always get the quality you deserve.

We’re always happy to share ideas about what will work best for you, your team, or your organisation.

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