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iSTORYa Studio Graphic Recording Services

Graphic recording or live scribing is the art and skill of visually documenting ideas and insights.  

Graphic recorders (like Sheilvy, our amazing graphic recorder in residence) convert ideas, insights and decisions into something tangible by transforming spoken words into powerful and striking visuals —

  • to support groups to do their best thinking, 
  • to creatively present complex challenges, 
  • to showcase achievements and 
  • to organise information 

-- in a way that is memorable and inspiring.

Analogue Scribing

Graphich Recording iSTORYa Studio Analogue Scribing

Using insightful illustrations, diagrams and symbols, we transform technical concepts, ideas and conversations into digestible visuals with speed, structure and clarity – inspiring new ideas and discussions.

Compared to digital graphic recording, analogue graphic recording gives a tactile experience to the audience – it has a “human touch” impact on engagement in the room.

The result is a visual summary of the key takeaways from your stories that the audience can walk up to, touch, and take photos of. 

Graphich Recording iSTORYa Studio Digital Scribing

digital Scribing

With digital tools in hand we deliver all the benefits of an analogue graphic recording – the difference is mainly on the scale of the imagery, how the audience interacts with the visuals and the ability to share digital copies instantaneously.

Visuals are projected on a large screen through live streaming and the images are polished and in high-resolution.

VIRTUAL Scribing

Virtual Graphic Recording

Adding a virtual space to digital scribing, we stream visual insights anywhere in the world, wherever your audience is.

Just like analogue and digital graphic recording, virtual scribing keeps participants focused – sustaining attention, maximising engagement and connecting participants to a shared purpose, goal, or story even in a physically disconnected virtual space.

post graphic recording

A high and low resolution PDF format will be provided. The graphic recording can be:

  • displayed/ exhibited (original or print)
  • an engaging space for people to have meaningful conversations
  • printed as a giveaway for the participants and speakers
  • distributed instantly and shared (for digital scribing assets)
  • used for presentations and reports
  • turned into GIFs, posters, emailers (for digital scribing assets)

Bring the power of graphic recording to your next strategy, conference, keynote, meeting, and more.

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